Simple Steps You Should Take When Ordering a Monument

  1. Please bring the name of the cemetery along with the section of the gravesite where you will want the monument placed. Not all cemeteries have the same sized sites, we can help you with that. The size of the site will determine the size of the monument you will be able to place.
  2. Please make sure you bring any information that you will want placed on the monument. To start with, we will need the correct spellings and dates for the headstone. Also, for double markers, it is important to know who is on the left and the right.
  3. Photos and artwork that you may want are always helpful. We have a tremendous amount of artwork and designs available and we are skilled at helping you design a beautiful memorial.

Types of Monuments

Flat Marker – Flat markers lay flat on the ground and are required by some cemeteries. The addition of a vase that sits flat when not in use is an option.

Bevel Marker – Very similar to the Flat Marker but slopes slightly from the back to the front. Does not lay flat on the ground.

Bronze Marker – A Bronze Marker is a marker cast of metal. Typically set flat on a granite marker. Some cemeteries require bronze markers. A bronze will oxidize and patina after a few years. Some love the aged look of the patina. Others chose to maintain the bronze and keep its original look. We have a bronze service available for cleaning and maintainence.

Slant Marker – A Slant is a marker that is thin at the top edge and slants down to a thick base. They come in various sizes including double monuments. Slants can either be directly placed on the ground or can be set with a base.

Upright Monuments – Uprights are the headstone that is most common. Uprights come in singles, doubles and even triples and quads. Uprights come in many sizes and have a base and die. Uprights provide more space for including pictures, vases and engraving for your loved ones.

Wings – Wings come in various sizes and can be set as singles, doubles, or more. Wings are individual uprights set on one base. Wings typically leave room to add a granite vase.

Finish – We can finish the marker to meet your needs. The standard finishes are polished and Rock Pitched (rough edge).